5 Reasons to Support Local Businesses

We all know it's important to support independent businesses. After all, they make up 97.9% of the Canadian economy, and now more than ever, they need your support. Local businesses are the heart of a community, and unfortunately they're one of the groups being the most affected by what's happening right now. That's why it's so important to support events such as the upcoming Spring Virtual Craft Revival. Mark your calendar for May 1st and let’s come together and strengthen our community from the comfort of our own homes! 

Here's are a few reasons why you should support local businesses:

You’ll help boost your local economy

When you purchase from local businesses, the money is kept within the community, unlike when you purchase from big chain stores. Locally owned businesses often buy from other local companies, and services which help to enrich the whole community.

You’ll support your community’s development

By supporting local businesses, you’re helping to strengthen the community. Local business owners are often very active in their community. They are always supporting community development activities and community organizations than larger businesses. Many business owners donate to local causes; if there is a cause you support, you might find many local businesses supporting them. So, by supporting the local businesses, you are helping them support the causes you also care about.

You’ll be helping create jobs for locals 

We know the job market is not the greatest these days, so by shopping local, you are helping someone keep their business open, and you’re giving people jobs. The more jobs you have in your local community, the fewer people will have to commute, which is even better for the environment. You’re helping the community more than one way, and that’s something to think about and be proud of!

You’ll help the environment 

As we mentioned earlier, supporting local businesses is better for the environment since they employ locals. Along with that, local stores are primarily located within the community, making them more accessible and within walking distance. However, with Spring Virtual Craft Revival here in Thunder Bay, you won’t even have to get out of your space! This virtual event lets you shop from home, which is even better for the environment and of course, for safety reasons during the pandemic

You’ll be making someone’s dreams come true 

One of our favourite reasons to  support other local businesses is that they are built by the same people we all know and appreciate. They can be our friends or family or a neighbour. Small business owners have put everything into their business to create unique products, give you the best shopping experience because this is something they love to do, and this is their dream. By supporting their business, you’re helping to keep that dream alive, and you’re bringing happiness into their lives, and what can be more rewarding than that?

Supporting local businesses is always a win-win situation for everyone in the community. You get a great shopping experience, and the owner earns their livelihood. We hope you can support local businesses such as ourselves during the Spring Virtual Craft Revival. A (kombucha) cheers to celebrating the diverse arts and culture community of Thunder Bay online!

See you online,

Nadia Kukkee

Owner of Narrow Gate Foods

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