Where to Buy

We welcome regular and wholesale customers to buy our delicious kombucha, water kefir, sauerkraut and kimchi products online here.

But if your cravings can't take it any longer, you can find our goods in the following cafes or health food and grocery stores across Thunder Bay:

Bay Meats

282 Bay, Thunder Bay (map)

(807) 344-9501

Beefcake's Burger Factory

481 Hodder Ave, Thunder Bay (map)
(807) 683-6757

Bliss Restaurant & Catering

87 Cumberland St. North, Thunder Bay (map)
(807) 286-7717

Brick & Mortar Food Co / Eat Loco Tacos

18 St. Paul Street, Thunder Bay, ON (map)

Dawson General Store

13130 Dawson Rd, Thunder Bay (map)
(807) 767-8669

George's Market & Celebrations

14 Balsam Street, Thunder Bay (map)
(807) 345-7021


Thunder Bay International Airport, Thunder Bay (map)
(807) 621-4330

Thunder Bay Country Market

425 Northern Ave. (map)

Westfort Foods

111 Frederica St, Thunder Bay (map)
(807) 623-4220

Interested in selling Narrow Gate Foods kombucha, water kefir, sauerkraut or kimchi? Get in touch!