Batch-End Mystery Box!

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When we have a batch that makes an odd number of bottles, YOU get a surprise pack! Each surprise box contains a MINIMUM of $100 worth of product. There will be some ol' favourites, plus a few of our new products that we are trying out.

Guaranteed in each box is:

- 6 bottles of kombucha, minimum 3 different flavours ($42 value)

- 2 growlers, minimum 2 different flavours ($20 value)

- 3 different krauts or chi's ($30 value)

- 2 gut shots ($10 value)

Plus anything else that is taking up space in the fridge! That's at LEAST $164 in product, for only $50! This is perfect for the indecisive fermented food lover, a surprise gift for someone special, or for when you need to stock up your fridge but don't want to make decisions. Snag yours today, there are only so many available each week!

Note: If you are viewing this listing and it's sold out, please email us at to be added to the waitlist. Thank you!