Five Fun, Healthy Activities To Do In Thunder Bay This Spring

Spring is here! Which means we can start planning all the fun, springtime activities that we've been dying to do all winter long. We love to find activities that are healthy and fun for the entire family! Thankfully, Thunder Bay has a huge selection to choose from.

Here are a few to help you get started:

Enjoy the great outdoors at Sleeping Giant Park.

Finally the weather is warmer, the sun is out more, and you can start spending time outside again! And there is no better place to do that than Sleeping Giant Park. You can take a weekend camping trip (if you’re prepared for the cold nights!) or just head for a day to do some canoeing on Lake Superior. Spend time hiking, biking, canoeing, kayaking and exploring or simply take a picnic lunch out and enjoy the stunning view of the lake. This is one place you will definitely want to return to over and over again throughout the spring and summer.

Five Fun, Healthy Activities To Do In Thunder Bay This Spring | Narrow Gate Foods

Take a tour of Thunder Oak Cheese Farm.

Originally founded by Dutch cheese-makers, Thunder Oak Cheese Farm is a great place visit on a spring or summer afternoon. It is truly fascinating to take a look around the facilities and ask questions about cheese-making, especially if you are a curious person who loves to learn how things work! Even better, you can shop here for some of the finest cheese in Canada and get some really awesome recipes to try out your purchases. It's good for your brain and for your stomach!

Visit Fort William Historical Park for some history made fun.

This is an absolutely wonderful location for kids and grownups alike. Why not have a ton of fun outside and find out about some of the fascinating local history at the same time?! Visit the world's largest fur trading post, take tours, visit wigwams and cabins, watch historical dramas, watch firearm demonstrations, and more! The possibilities are endless. The best part is that you can spend time both indoors and outdoors. Spend as long as you like out in the fresh air, and then step inside a cabin (or the visitor center) for a break in the shade. Either way, you will be sure to enjoy yourself!

Learn something new at the Thunder Bay Museum.

The Thunder Bay Museum is a treasure trove of regional and national history. This is a great place to go on a rainy afternoon when you really do not want to be outside anyway. Beautiful on the outside and the inside, it is a great place to learn about Canadian heritage.

You can browse the exhibits, view the collections, listen to free public lectures, and even take part in kids programs! Like the other options listed here, this is a place that will delight both children and adults. Once you arrive, you will probably want to plan a return date!

Five Fun, Healthy Activities To Do In Thunder Bay This Spring | Narrow Gate Foods

Try new fun foods at your favourite Thunder Bay Cafes.

One of the best parts of Thunder Bay is the food! And some of the best food in the Thunder Bay area comes from (Shameless Plug) Narrow Gate Foods! Not only are our foods and ingredients delicious, they are also extremely healthy. It's a double win! We are very blessed that many cafes in the Thunder Bay carry our products. The next time you’re trying to think of something fun to do, type in "Thunder Bay Cafes" into a search engine and head over to one of them! Find an old favorite or, if you are feeling adventurous, choose a place you've never been to before! Take your date out for lunch, meet a few of your old buddies, or make it a family outing. The only rules are: eat good, healthy food and have fun!

If you want to purchase Narrow Gate food on your own and cook up your own special recipe, go for it! Look at our selection here! And have a happy, healthy Spring!