Everything You Need to Know About Fermented Foods + How They Boost Digestion

Fermented foods and beverages are becoming increasingly popular lately, and we know that our Thunder Bay community is all about that fermented life! 

But what exactly are fermented foods? And why do people care so much about them?

Fermented foods are food and beverages that have gone through a process called fermentation. Fermentation is a process that involves bacteria and yeast breaking down sugars. This gives the fermented food a unique flavour, aroma and texture. Fermented food helps to enhance food preservation, and eating these fermented foods can also boost the number of beneficial bacteria or probiotics found in your gut. 

There are tons of different types of fermented foods, including: 

What are the benefits of fermented foods?

There are several health benefits associated with fermented foods, including reduced risk of cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity and inflammation. They have also been linked to better weight management, improved mood and brain activity, increased bone health and so much more! It’s important to remember that these health benefits are likely dependent on the type of fermented food and microorganisms involved. 

For example, studies have shown kombucha has potent health-promoting properties and research has revealed that drinking kombucha could help prevent toxicity and damage caused by exposure to harmful chemicals. 

Kimchi is a popular Korean side dish that is packed with health benefits and is especially effective when it comes to lowering cholesterol and reducing insulin resistance. 

Sauerkraut is another popular condiment full of antioxidants that contains promising effects on cancer prevention.

By incorporating fermented foods into your diet, you are improving your digestion, immunity, weight loss and so much more. Not to mention, they all taste delicious! So, are you going to try fermented foods? What types of fermented foods would you like us to create?!

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