3 Ways To Gift Kombucha This Valentine's Day | Narrow Gate Foods Gift Guide

These days, people are fascinated (and for good reason!) with the many natural health benefits of including Kombucha tea in their diets.

In case you're wondering about some of the benefits of this fermented beverage, according to at least one evidence-based, medically-related source, Kombucha tea is:

  • An excellent source of probiotics
  • A pathway to providing similar health benefits as compared to green tea
  • An avenue to adding antioxidants into our diets
  • Giving the ability to kill bacteria in our bodies
  • A way to potentially reduce the risks associated with heart disease
  • Helping to manage complications associated with managing Type-2 diabetes
  • A possible way to curb and cure cancer

The bottom line here is this: Adding Kombucha tea into your daily life when properly prepared and "presented" helps boost your immune system and leads to better overall health when ingested regularly.

There's no better way to say "I love you" and care about the well-being of those closest to your heart than giving the gift of Kombucha. But where do we start?

We’ve got you covered! Here is our Valentine's Day gift guide with a trio of ways to present (pun intended) this beneficial tea to the many valued members we cherish during this celebrated day of love.

#1 - Gift Box For Extra Warmth

A great addition to a Valentine's Day surprise is a gift box containing cozy items such as blankets, throws, pillows, socks, etc. to help symbolize the love and warmth we feel for a particular someone. Accompany one of these gifts with a bottle of kombucha or another item from our collection of the many handmade, local, fermented products we have in our line.

#2 - A Mug Full of Love & Health

Coffee cups, mugs, and glassware are often presented in sets as a popular choice of great gifts given during this chilly time of year in Thunder Bay. But when it comes to individual presents, think of giving a single cup, mug or glass along with a bottle of Kombucha. This is a great way of "tipping" our favourite and most beloved service people for their "presence" throughout the year. Consider some of your favourite "staff" members including:

  • Teachers, bus drivers, administrators and other members of the regular schooling staff
  • Postal workers and other regular delivery providers
  • Housekeepers, handymen, maintenance workers, pool service employees and refuse workers
  • Physicians, pharmacists and other health care providers
  • Doormen and drivers
  • Regular wait staff who serve food us year-round
  • Your hair stylist, manicurist, massage therapist or personal trainer
  • Constant caregivers for our family members or friends

Since they're a regular part of our routine, there's no better way to thank these important people for being a part of our lives than by offering them a gift associated with a healthy future. It's a wonderful way of thanking them for their loyalty and service that they've given to us year-round.

#3 - Pass On Recipes For Health & Success

Consider including a personalized recipe, favourite mixture, or a handpicked suggestion for a perfect cup of Kombucha. This is a great way to add a special, unique, handmade addition to your other Valentine's Day gift.

In the end, while we're all celebrating love in February, there's no better gift than a wish for better health and prosperity with cupid's arrival. Your loved ones will know you care about them when you give the gift of hoping they'll embrace a healthier lifestyle with better consumption choices including Kombucha teas.

From all of us at Narrow Gate Foods, best wishes for a happy and healthy Valentine's Day!